With disease-carrying ticks a growing concern, correct tick etiquette before and after any outdoor activity is vital. With these steps on learning how to check for ticks and what to do if you have ticks, you are ready for any tick issue.


How to Check for Ticks: Know Where they Are

Ticks are in several places. Though, it’s safe to presume that any low-to-the-ground shrubs, woody plants, or tall grass have ticks. Ticks can even be in your yard.

If you walk through the grass as tall as your ankles, you may be carrying a tick. 


Cover Up

You need to restrict the amount of exposed skin. A tick can’t bite you if there is nothing to bite. Wear tall socks, long pants, and closed-toe shoes when walking outdoors through the grass. Putting your pant legs into your socks could be a simple and efficient way to stop the spread of ticks.



Permethrin is an insecticide that destroys ticks and stops them from getting on your clothing. You can spray it on shoes, clothing, and backpacks. This method requires some pre-planning. Your gear and clothing need a couple of hours to dry after using this insecticide spray completely. One application lasts three to four weeks. 


Inspect for Ticks

Lenior Tree Service How To Check For Ticks on dogs

Check for ticks on your furry friends

Ticks love to attach to clothing and can be transported into your house this way. Once you come home, meticulously inspect all your gear and clothes for ticks. 

To kill any ticks on your clothing, put your clothing in the dryer for 15 minutes. The heat will annihilate these nasty insects. If your clothing is dirty, wash the items in hot water. Be sure the water is as warm as possible. 


Check Your Furry Loved Ones

Ticks don’t show favoritism. If you take a walk with your dog, be sure to inspect that they are tick-free too. 


If You Find a Tick

Your chances of catching Lyme disease in one day are very low. The sooner you see a tick, the better. Therefore, be sure to check early. Correct tick removal is vital. So, take a deep breath, remain calm, and get rid of the tick.

If you want your yard treated for ticks, schedule an appointment with us at Lenoir Tree Service.