Regardless of which way you cut it, fresh wood doesn’t burn well. Fresh-cut wood possesses a high moisture content, making it difficult to get burning. Besides, it gives off a lot of smoke. Seasoned firewood is cleaner, lighter, and better for your chimney.

Picking the Right Wood to Make Seasoned Firewood 

While you might not always have the bonus of picking what wood to use, some types of seasoned firewood deliver better results.

If you’re selecting from trees on a wooded lot, chop down the trees that are stopping other trees from growing. Thinning out a crowded spot will let in more nutrients and sun for the other trees.

Don’t ever use diseased or dead wood since it burns badly. You should consider crooked-growing, old trees that might create issues. Getting rid of these trees might benefit the surrounding trees. The wood could be excellent for burning.

Cutting Firewood

When you cut firewood for seasoning, the pieces should be the same size. If there’s too much difference, the wood won’t stack well.

Chopping a fallen tree into logs is called bucking. When bucking a tree, it’s typical to slice 16″ sections of wood.

After you finish bucking the tree, cut the chunks into convenient sizes. Usually, folks cut logs into quarters. You could use an ax. However, a powered log splitter saves you energy and time. 

Aging Wood

Though some people just put the wood up along a fence line, it’s not the preferred way to age it. The pieces put on the ground will get soggy, and the parts next to the fence won’t completely dry. The result is a badly seasoned wood that burns unequally.

With a log rack, you can keep your firewood off the ground, making sure that the ends of the wood are exposed to air and drying correctly. With a shed or barn, make sure it stays open so the air can circulate, drying the firewood. Keep the seasoned wood off the ground with a log rack. 

Regardless of what method you pick to use, stack the logs bark side down. Put the logs on the top row bark side up. Doing this will let moisture evaporate from the firewood. The wood on top will shield the rest of the pile from snow and rain. 

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