Evergreen trees are adored for their all year long graceful shapes and green foliage. If planted in the correct spot, a healthy evergreen tree care regimen isn’t hard. Regular mulching and watering strengthen evergreens, stopping winter injury due to the sun and wind. Accurate pruning and fertilizing sustain these trees in being attractive and green. 

Evergreen Tree Care: Cultivating Evergreen Trees

It’s crucial to plant evergreen trees where there is no possibility of drying out in the cold months. Coniferous needles possess a waxy coating that aids in retaining water. However, winter wind and sun can rob the trees of moisture, drying them out. Therefore, plant evergreens on the north side of your landscape. 

Watering and Mulching

Soil moisture must be maintained for evergreen trees to endure drought or winter or conditions. Mulching with shredded bark or wood chips reduces evaporation from the soil. Combine the mulch with compost to put nutrients in the soil. Be sure the tree is watered correctly in dry periods in the autumn and summer. If the ground doesn’t freeze where you reside, water during the cold months too. 


Evergreen trees don’t need fertilizing as much as deciduous species. However, if the needle’s color isn’t right or new growth is slow, fertilizing could be beneficial. 

Be sure to use a fertilizer with nitrogen instead of potassium or phosphorus. It is best to fertilize between midsummer and early April. Follow the instructions on the product. Use a slow-release fertilizer at any other time of the year. Water regularly. Never fertilize in drought conditions.


Evergreen trees usually need corrective pruning to eliminate damaged or dead branches. Generally, evergreens have dominant leaders. If there are two leaders, get rid of one. 

Prune around the branch collar. Don’t trim to the trunk. The branch collar will stop mold from getting into the trunk. Don’t prune your evergreen trees in the autumn or late summer. New growth could be encouraged without time to stabilize before winter.

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