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Do you need to cut down a tree on your property? Before you reach for a chainsaw to tackle the job yourself, take a good look at the tree and imagine all of the things that could go wrong. Unless you’re dealing with a tiny tree, it’s an excellent idea to leave the chainsaw in the hands of tree care professionals who take trees down for a living. The tree care gurus at Lenoir Tree
Service can’t wait to get to work on your tree cutting project.


Our Tree Care Pros Know Lenoir Trees

Do you ever worry about all of the potential disasters that could occur in taking a tree down? Do images of the tree crashing down onto your car come to mind? Don’t worry; we think about all of those horrible scenarios, too and we take steps to make sure that every tree cutting job that we perform has a positive outcome. Rely on us for terrific tree cutting service that is rooted in our promise that our customers always come first.


Lenoir Tree Care Experts Give You Options

We recognize that your tree cutting needs vary and so we tailor our services to meet your requirements. Lenoir Tree Service has extensive experience in lot clearing, and our technicians will have an area cleared of trees and bushes safely and efficiently. We are just as comfortable tending to a fallen or damaged tree on a residential property.

Our Tree Service Selection Is The Best Around!

 We’re delighted to work with you on your tree cutting needs. CONTACT us, and we’ll put together a tree cutting plan that fits your budget.

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