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The professional tree care experts at Lenoir Tree Service have years of experience and training in all aspects of tree care.

Lenoir is home to a wide variety of different trees, and we know how to care for each one. We are indeed a one-stop tree care company, and our tree care specialists deliver the best tree care services in the area.  

Beautifully maintained trees are a wise investment that enriches the value of your property and increases your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. We honor your commitment to the trees in your yard by providing them with the utmost professional care and integrity.


Removal Options

Although removing a favorite tree is never a happy event, you can trust us to make the removal process as painless as possible. Lenoir Tree Services offers several different tree removal options to fit your needs. All of our removal services are performed by a fully equipped and highly trained tree crew that always adheres to the safest and most economical removal methods. Taking a tree out of the ground is a big deal, and you can be confident that we’re fully insured and licensed to perform tree removals in North Carolina.

Tree Inspections

Does your tree look a little droopy and you’re worried that it might be sick? Trees, like people, can suffer from a variety of problems and prompt, accurate care is crucial in returning an unwell tree to vibrant health. The best way to determine if a possible problem warrants intervention is to have a certified arborist conduct a thorough examination of the tree. Our tree inspections
always include an analysis of the tree and tree roots as well as the soil surrounding the tree. We’ll provide you with a complete explanation of our findings and the suggested course of action.


Scheduled Maintenance

Perhaps the simplest way to give your trees the care that they need is to sign up for a scheduled maintenance plan with Lenoir Tree Service. This program frees you from wondering when it’s time to schedule tree trimming and other maintenance routines. A regular maintenance appointment ensures that our skilled technicians can provide the consistent tree grooming necessary to keep up the health and appearance of the trees that grace your life. We’ll also
examine the trees for signs of disease, and we’ll utilize appropriate preventative measures to help your trees stay healthy.

Why Choose Lenoir Tree Service?

Lenoir Tree Service is proud to serve the people of Lenoir, North Carolina with all of your tree care needs. We think of you as a friend, and we promise to always treat you with the respect and honesty that friendship requires. Everyone at Lenoir Tree Service, from our certified arborists and tree care technicians to our fantastic customer service specialists, remembers that you’re our neighbor and friend and will always treat you accordingly. We guarantee that you’ll receive top-notch tree care services, excellent customer service, and affordable rates every time you choose Lenoir Tree Service for your tree care needs.

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