In the past, emerald ash borer (EAB) was once considered a death sentence. Today we realize it isn’t. You can use an emerald ash borer treatment and save your ash tree. For an emerald ash borer treatment to do its job, you need to get a tree inspection to check for other pre-existing issues. 


Which Emerald Ash Borer Treatment to Use

The emerald ash borer is a bug that finishes its life cycle by moving through four separate stages: eggs, larvae, pupae, and adults. An arborist could do a DIY emerald ash borer treatment with a tree injector. 

You can use a pesticide as an emerald ash borer treatment, effectively saving your ash tree. Proactive management is critical when fighting the emerald ash borer to avert getting infected and dying. You can manage emerald ash borer with a host of various tactics that halt new viruses and could save a slightly infected tree.


Eliminate Infested TreesLenior Tree Service emerald ash borer damage

Eliminate and accurately handle trees that are infested with or are dead due to emerald ash borer. Your goal is to stop the spread of the borers.

Treatments include burying, burning, chipping, drying, or splitting the wood. Burning for firewood is okay as long as the wood isn’t part of the EAB outbreak region. Cover infected ash firewood with plastic, put the edges in the ground for 24 weeks, and let the firewood air dry. Remove trees that perish in the summertime and apply treatment before the upcoming springtime. This time is when adult emerald ash borer comes out of the host tree as beetles. 

Chopping up trees infested by emerald ash borer for firewood, lumber, or tree trimming transports EAB to new places, infecting and killing trees in these regions. 

Don’t ever move any wood from EAB dead trees. Adult borers will still surface in the warm months from ash firewood chopped the preceding winter.


Chemical Treatment

EAB is quite aggressive, so a small number of ash trees will endure an infestation. However, there are things you could do to safeguard your trees. Use chemical treatments to save and shield cherished trees. These methods include soaking the soil near the tree with insecticide, drenching the trunk. 

If done correctly and at the right time of year, an insecticide stops EAB from getting to healthy trees for a long time. If a tree is slightly infested, the insecticide drives away or kills the emerald ash borer. Once gone, the tree begins to heal its wounds, eventually flourishing once again. Repeated treatments are necessary every 12 – 24 months to keep the emerald ash borer from the tree.

There are efficient EAB control choices when it comes to using insecticides. Because applying an insecticide is done at the correct time and strictly following the product label, always call your pest management professional before attempting a DIY emerald ash borer treatment project. 

An effective EAB treatment plan begins with a comprehensive tree inspection. Reach out to us at Lenoir Tree Service to get started.