You can tell when something is not right with your tree. After spending so much time looking at it, things such as mold or brown leaves stick out like a sore thumb. It might be difficult to tell if your tree is in trouble. There are dying tree symptoms. Follow these tips to check your tree and discover what it needs. 


Dying Tree Symptoms

It’s crucial to understand the difference between a declining tree and a dead tree. A couple of definite symptoms of a dead tree are:

  • Numerous limbs with no living buds
  • Mushrooms sprouting close to the roots of the tree
  • Peeling bark or cracks in the trunk

Identifying A Dead TreeLenior Tree Service Save My Dying Tree

Dead trees frequently have a mixture of visible signs. For instance, it’s not just that limbs aren’t leafing out. Perhaps, there are also issues with the trunk or strange growth close to the roots.

If you believe there’s something awry with your tree, examine the tree, looking for any concerning symptoms.


Is This Tree Dying?

You can help decrease the dangers that come with having a dead tree in your landscape. Here’s a little test: With a pocketknife or your fingertips, scratch one of the branches. If it is green and moist, you have a living tree. 

If it’s brittle and brown, scratch a few more limbs to see if any are fresh and green. You also should check the trunk for splits, peeling bark, and cracks. Then, look to see if mushrooms or any other fungi are growing close to the base of the tree. You should also inspect the canopy for missing leaves and dangling limbs. 

All these signs together indicate you probably have a dead tree. 

The best way to realize for sure is to call an arborist ASAP to examine and remove if needed. 


Saving A Dying Tree

If your tree is sick, the next step is to learn how to save your dying tree. The most dependable way to do this is to hire a certified arborist to inspect the tree and offer an analysis and treatment plan.

Our tree contractors and arborists are available to examine your tree, letting you know if it is dying or not. Contact Lenoir Tree Service today to arrange a tree inspection.