Oak trees have been America’s favorite for a long time. They’re one of the top shade trees, and several varieties multiply rapidly. However, if you adore oak trees, you’ve likely been anxious about getting oak wilt. Pruning oak trees in the summertime raises the chance of oak wilt disease. 


No Summer Oak Tree Trimming

Sap beetles fly around your outdoor space and are active in June and July. These beetles are enticed by the sap that leaks from holes and wounds in trees. Also, sap beetles enjoy the smell of oak wilt. 

After snacking on a tree with this disease, these beetles go to unaffected trees with cuts and holes. Possessing these spores, those insects infect another tree. These pests are also called oak wilt beetles. Therefore, tree contractors recommend not pruning oak trees from April to August to be safe. 


If Your Tree Has Oak Wilt Lenior Tree Service Treat Oak Wilt

If one of your trees get this disease, every oak in your landscape is in danger.

You must get rid of the infected tree and apply a fungicide to the other oak trees to protect them. Therefore, your arborist might advise a mechanical treatment plan since oak wilt usually spreads from one tree roots to the next. 

Be careful of tree care companies that prune oaks in the summertime. Remember, these businesses are only out for your money. When you are searching for a tree care company, choose one that is TCIA-accredited with professionally certified arborists. 



If your oak tree was pruned from April through July, inspect it for signs of this disease. Typically, in early August, is when you will see any symptoms such as excess shedding of leaves, branch dieback, browning, and wilting. 

If you see these warning signs, scratch off a couple of inches of bark on a branch that has premature leaf drop or wilted leaves. Beneath the bark, examine for streaking, which is a sure sign of oak wilt disease.

You can always give us a call at Lenoir Tree Service and let one of our tree care professionals inspect your oak tree.