Lightning can damage trees to the point that they require elimination for safety. Let’s talk about what is happening when your tree is struck by lightning.


My Tree was Struck by Lightning. What Do I Do?

Immediately get rid of any broken or dangling limbs. Hire a certified arborist to do the work if the branches are too big for you to take off on your own. Lightning damage also necessitates a tree inspection. So, it is best to get a professional opinion.


Signs Your Tree Was Struck by Lightning

The tricky part about lightning damage is that it could be subtle, if not unnoticeable. Lightning hit a tree’s insides, targeting the layer beneath the bark that you can’t see. Therefore, it’s not unusual for a tree to look completely healthy and then slowly deteriorate. Some trees die right after a storm.

Sometimes, the internal damage does distress the outer layers of a tree. Lightning damage could appear as:

Lenior Tree Service Tree Is Struck By Lightning

Tree damaged from lightning

  • A crack that goes down the trunk of a tree 
  • Burnt bark 
  • Shriveled up or wilted leaves 
  • Pieces of bark falling off a tree

If lighting strikes only one side of a trunk, there is an excellent chance of the tree not dying. However, if lightning hits both sides of a tree, the tree will probably need to call your local tree care company for tree removal service


Protection from Lightning Damage 

A lightning protection system is a tree’s top defense against damaging bolts. The system moves lightning away from the tree by offering it a different path to the ground. But, bear in mind that no system is 100% definite to stopping damage. Speak with a knowledgeable tree care professional if you’re thinking about getting a lightning protection system installed.

Some tree maintenance could help protect your tree before and after lightning damage. Be sure your tree is always watered enough, has enough fertilizer, is supplied with mulch, and pruned correctly. These recommendations will keep your tree durable before a storm, as well as help it recover from any harm. 

If you suspect lightning struck your tree, call Lenoir Tree Service to arrange a tree inspection.